About me

Hi! I'm Olivier Luyckx, a programmer who lives his life around everything Nintendo and Computers.

Born in 1996, I live in Kapellen, Belgium. In 2018 I gratuated from the Karel de Grote College University in Applied Computer Science - Application Developement and have found myself doing this as my daily job.

I have a big fondness for Reverse Engineering, Video Game console emulation & Preservation, Mario Kart and Japan. I like to spend my free time exploring these topics.


I love talking about the things I like to do! I have made seperate pages to highlight certain topics.

Get in touch

I'm open for any conversation! You can email me on o [dot] luyckx [at] gmail [dot] com.

You can find me on these platforms! Come say hi! :)

You can send me an encrypted mail using this GPG public key.